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    Shiatsu massage is practiced since antiquity, and first recorded in the Chinese documents on medicine as early as the third century BC. Shiatsu is a modified variant of the traditional Japanese bodywork based upon the pseudoscientific theories of traditional Chinese medical practices, including the notion of the ‘four meridians’ or “wind channels.’ Tokujiro Naikoshi, who was the initial promoter of shiatsu in late 20th century Japanese massage techniques and eventually, it became an extremely popular treatment method.

    Shiatsu massages are employed in Japan to treat a variety of illnesses, like joint pain and stiffness and weight gain. Shiatsu can also be suggested for stress reduction or to alleviate tension. The researchers are trying to find out the reason that lead to this method. But, they believe that soothing pressure points can be beneficial to the nervous system, the brain as well as overall well-being. Some people feel happier and energy-filled after this therapy. These effects are felt immediately.

    In performing massages using shiatsu, it is essential to maintain an even pressure when determining the location where trigger points are in the area, then applying pressure to them. The practitioner can ease the pain, but not cause injury to surrounding areas. It is important to know those areas that are most painful and work with the areas that are painful and work with them. The opposite can happen if you apply pressure to areas that are not appropriate. Shiatsu practitioners have been trained and are required to use their hands to meet the client’s needs. In order to prevent aggravating an existing health issue, it’s vital that the bodywork is done gently and carefully.

    Shiatsu massage is available at three locations: elbows, shoulders and the whole body. Different techniques are necessary for each area. Practitioners need to avoid applying too much pressure to the elbows while performing the shiatsu massage. This can cause injuries. Additionally, they may want to utilize a less tight grip than they would with a full-body massage to keep the practitioner from inflicting additional pain to the client. In the event that elbows become damaged, practitioners of shiatsu must immediately ensure that they’re able to fully extend the fingers. They should also perform gentle stretching exercises to ease tension within the tendons.

    A chronic pain condition such as arthritis is reduced through The Shiatsu method of massage. The cause of chronic pain could be through a myriad of causes that include overuse-related injury, joint pain, tendonitis, and other problems. A skilled shiatsu practitioner can determine which techniques will be best suited to a patient, and can employ several different methods to treat a single issue. In the case of a skilled acupuncturist who specializes in treating athletes could opt to give a full-body shiatsu massage, by using finger pressure for specific joints.

    Shiatsu massage is used often by athletes in professional sports, as it’s a wonderful relaxation tool. One of the benefits of Japanese healing is the fact that it helps ease common ailments without prescribed medications. If a patient complains about neck pain, the therapist might apply pressure to the spine , and also take temperature. Therapists may have the ability to alleviate discomfort in the neck, shoulders and the other joints.

    A regular practice of shiatsu could result in some incredible positive results. You don’t have to do this kind of massage every the time, but it’s not a must. Some of the most common benefits are improved health overall along with improved circulation, flexibility, and stress relief. A routine japanese shiatsu massage can also aid in increasing the endurance of your muscles to ease tension in your muscles and tension.

    If you’re contemplating having a Shiatsu massage during pregnancy it is essential to make sure your therapist’s qualified and licensed. Continue reading Be sure that is also a member of the Nippon Shiatsu Practitioner’s Association (NSAA). If you want to be certain that the person you choose is right for you and your baby schedule an appointment in advance so that you can come to the clinic for a consultation.